Featured Treatments


Belle Beauty can offer the perfect tailored facial treatment for every client no matter what results you are looking for. Our Treatments are as follows; However if you have specific needs we can adapt our treatments to combat your goals

Biolift Non-Surgical-Facelift – 30min £25 course of 10 £225 course of 5 £115
1 hour £45  Course of 10 £400 course of 5 £200

Firstly we warm the skin using thermotherapy to bring all the nutrients of the skin to the surface & then commence with the ‘Biolift’ to stimulate the muscles to tighten & lift. Collagen is then infused into the skin using ultrasound & LED light therapy. A lifting mask treats the skin then cooled down & moisture locked in to the skin using cryotherapy. Initial course of 10 recommended achieving desired lift followed by monthly maintenance.

Microdermabrasion –30min £25 course of 10 £225 course of 5 £115
1 hour £45 Course of 10 £400 course of 5 £200

Firstly the skin is warmed using thermotherapy, then the Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion will deeply exfoliate removing the top layers of skin to smooth out uneven skin texture, tone, pigmentation, fine line & enlarged pores. Leaving the skin looking refreshed. Ultrasound is then used to infuse collagen in to the skin with LED Light Therapy followed by a treatment mask & Cryotherapy. Recommended 1 per month, maximum of 1 per week.

Ultimate Facial – 1 hour 30 mins £70 course of 5 £310 course of 10 £630

This Ultimate facial combines the two above facials to leave the appearance of the skin fresh, glowing, hydrated & toned. Recommended 1 per month.