Bio Sculture Gel & Shellac Nails

21st February 2015
Dermalux LED Phototherapy
21st February 2015

Bio Sculture Gel & Shellac Nails

Bio Sculpture gel is a non-damaging gel that is strong & chip free. Available in a variety of colours that last weeks on the nails, with out chipping.

Colour overlay 1 hour £25

French overlay 1 hour £28

Removal of Bio Sculpture Gel 30mins £10

Removal of other products on consultation

Gel Nail extensions 1 hour 15mins £35

Infill of extensions 1 hour £20

pedicure with Bio Gel finish £35

Nails art & Gems from £1 per nail

Shellac is a part varnish & gel product that will last 14 days or more on the natural nail. It is as thin as varnish with a high shine for the perfect manicure or pedicure that’s dry instantly!

Shellac manicure £25
Shellac pedicure £35
Shellac application to toes £25
Removal £10

5 sets of bio sculpture/ shellac including removals £130 ( saving £45)